Basic Essentials of Life: Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience

Basic Essentials of Life: Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience

Basic Essentials of Life: Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience

The Bible (particularly books written by king Solomon) is full of commands and recommendations to seek Knowledge or Understanding, to have Godly wisdom and to apply our intelligence.

Intelligence: This is the ability of of an individual to analyze data presented to it. This ability is based on the individuals IQ which in itself is a function of DNA (gene pool).

People with high IQ have the ability to be very good in critical thinking and mathematical analysis, but it could also be a curse as some people with some mental diagnoses also have high IQs. A high IQ while desirable is limited to analyzing data.

Knowledge: This is when an individual seek information and the understanding of that information. Having more knowledge than our peers brings respect. Anyone who is able to have reasonable and coherent discussion on many topic is often seem as a genius, when all he/she has done is seek knowledge by reading.

Wisdom: This is the ability to “apply” the good and accurate knowledge and understanding acquired through knowledge (information). There are many people who have a lot of knowledge, but for whatever reason are unable to apply the knowledge they have.

Wisdom could also be Worldly or Godly. Worldly wisdom is when human apply a knowledge gained through human sense (emotion and intellect) only, while Godly wisdom is when humans along with their common sense and whatever obstacles, do what God says, whether that be the written word (pattern and principles) or leading of the Holy Spirit.

Experience: This is a what humans gain when he/she does something repeatedly. A frequent flier would have more experience than someone who flies occasionally. A father with 3 boys and married for 25 years would have more experience raising boys than a father with 1 boy married for 5 years.

Intelligence, Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience is not the prerogative of anyone, but available to anyone who desires them and recognize them as essentials of life.

There is nothing we can do about our level of intelligence, but we through nurturing enhance intelligence. I have seen an intelligent person, whose intelligence was wasted due to the home atmosphere and i’ve seen many with average intelligence do very well due to nurturing. Intelligence does not guarantee success, perhaps just a good grade in math.

Knowledge and Wisdom are ingredients that you should desire with all your heart. Read extensively, start with the Bible – know it in context (historically, chronologically and with the help of the Holy Spirit). Then read about other religions and match them up – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to come to a conclusion “scientifically” about Faith. Be versatile in your knowledge – don’t argue blindly or you’ll look like an idiot (we have enough of those).

If you want to be good at something do it repeated for experience. While an adult might have more experience of life than a child, that child can have more experience in certain areas than adults – new media is a great example.

All 4 are great ingredients for a Godly life – seek them.

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