Being a Father – Happy Father’s Weekend

Being a Father – Happy Father’s Weekend

Being a Father – Happy Father’s Weekend

I have been having dates with my children, yesterday it was with my daughter and somehow our conversation got to a parents love (which also includes discipline) – I told her, how I was afraid I could not love her as much as the boys (she is adopted), but that opposite is the case, I actaully can say I love all three of them the same.

One of the amazing privileges we have in this world, is being a parent and for us men, Fatherhood. God chose to entrust us with leading a home, with raising for Him Godly offsprings, with protecting and providing for our homes – unfortunately the enemy and the world system is siding everything against God’s perfect will for the Family and our roles as leaders.

Leading our home is not like our cultures prescribed either, I have seen and observed family structure in many cultures, and I must say they negate Biblical Teachings on the Family Unit:

– we are to lead as Christ led (servant-leadership, not superior-inferior). Please note that every natural and spiritual gifts available to a man is available to a woman.

– our leadership is ordained by Christ, not by any civilization or culture

– we are to be upfront showing examples (not lead from behind)

– we are to set visions (spiritual, educational, etc) – helping each child find their purpose based on their gift, not exasperating them by mandating our vision on them (help draw their gift out of them)

– we are to treat our spouses gently, and together raise godly offsprings, that will continue to propagate the gospel

Our cultures today (across the board), challenges the man’s leadership of the marriage institution pointing to economic leadership, our society today encourages men to be effeminate negating biological facts, our society today believe the family unit structure is wrong as put together by God, our society today is not only corrupt by its upside down in its thinking.

So, i’m challenging the Godly men reading this write-up, our God is not dead – we do indeed leave in the end times. We must know and show leadership in our homes by displaying servant-leader model, by teaching our children the way of the Lord (what they do with it is up to them), so that Judges 2: 10 would not come to pass in our lineage.

Happy Father’s Day

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