Being Married: Blindspot

Being Married: Blindspot

Being Married: Blindspot

On the side mirrors of almost every car today, are warning that objects might be closer than they appear and there are blindspots that those mirrors can’t pick up. Some luxury car models, have tried solving “blindspot” problem by making the inside rear mirror larger or have a beeper when cars approach your blindspot areas.

There should probably be a “Blindspot” warning on us humans. Our sin nature is a natural blindspot, we quickly and easily see the fault in other people but often don’t see or are quick to excuse our faults based on motive. King David had this blindspot when prophet Nathan came to tell him about the rich man who took the only lamb a poor man had to feed his guest – it turns out Nathan was talking about king Davy.

In marriage, a union of two humans (man/woman) with sinful nature, we do the same thing – point to the blindspot of our spouses while excusing ours. You see, we both bring negatives from both our nature and nurture into the marriage and we recognize it, but somehow edged on by the world and the enemy (in our mind) – we justify our blindspots and point fingers “only if he or she would change”.

Like Mercedes (the luxury car company), we need to come up with ideas of not letting blindspots get us into accidents, they built this thing that beeps and shakes the steering if you are not listening to the beep. what does that look like in Marriage – personal beepers, routinely doing inventory of our lives as husbands and wives, and ask your spouse what you can work on.

Give your spouse the permission to shake the steering by reporting you to your mentor, if you are ignoring your blindspots and could cause really bad accident, in human life, there is really no accident that is not preventable – God worked that into our system, it is called Free Will.

So, go work on your blindspots and help your spouse with his or hers.

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