Being Married: Can We Marry the Wrong Person?

Being Married: Can We Marry the Wrong Person?

Being Married: Can we Marry the Wrong Person?

Too frequently for my liken, I hear “Christians” say they Married the wrong person, typically as an excuse to get out of a marriage.

The only wrong person we can marry an unbeliever (when we are unequally yoked). When we are equally yoked (or when we marry another believer) – then he/she is not a wrong person, the marriage would not be void of trouble – actually Paul the apostle already said, “those who marry would have troubles”.

In an equally yoked relationship, defined as one true believer marrying another true believer (matured spiritually or not), there would still be trouble because of two nature/nurture coming together to become one.

The troubles we face in marriage in the process of becoming one could be easy or could be tough depending on our personalities and spiritual maturity, however, whatever comes out of our struggle does not mean we married the wrong person, it means we have a choice and we exercised the choice to leave instead of working on it (it could be one person choosing to leave and the other has no choice).

For those who are yet to marry, there is no marriage that is void of troubles, that comes with our sinful nature and living in a fallen world, however, with God’s written Word and leading of the Holy Spirit – we can weather the “negotiation” stage and come out well. That stage is all about dying to self and living for the Christ within. Many “good” marriages you see today, have weathered trouble times.

Before marriage “compatibility” might be a reason for pulling back from marriage, but once married – pulling out for compatibility issues becomes null and void, learning to become compatible now becomes the focus (how tough that is depend on spiritual maturity).

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