Being Married: Cleansing by the Word

Being Married: Cleansing by the Word

Being Married: Cleansing by the Word

Eph. 5: 26 “…cleanse her with the washing of water by the Word”

One of the most sacred duty of any spiritual head (or leader) – Church or the Family institution, is cleansing or washing those God has placed in our path to lead, not by physically cleaning them but doing so with the Word.

In John 15: 3 Jesus speaking to his disciples said “you are already clean because of the Word I have spoken to you”, and in Eph. 5: 26, Paul instructs husbands to wash their wives with the Word (God’s Word) that they speak over them.

God’s Words we know is powerful, according to the Bible it is so powerful that it penetrates our spirit and soul, for transformation. So when we speak them with our authority, both as a Child of the King and as one extended with human authority (in an earthly institution) it is laced with power.

Us husbands, particularly must take this instruction from Paul the apostle seriously, it is one thing to make your wife happy with things, it is another to cleanse her soul and spirit by speaking living Words over her, and you don’t even need money to do so.

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