Being Married: Vulnerability…?

Being Married: Vulnerability…?

Being Married: Vulnerability…?

Both our natural and sin natures, seek to protect us from attacks. Our endocrine system is designed to secret hormones that instigate action when under attack. Our sin nature demands revenge, when offended.

Yet, when we accept Jesus the Christ as Savior and Lord, we are told to become VULNERABLE, to stand-down both the emotion or feeling that puts us on edge, and to go against tat sin nature that wants to revenge and show the other person “don’t ever mess with me again”.

We are told to trust God to avenge us, and trust that God would fight for us, the only problem is, in doing what the Bible says – we look stupid and weak, while the other person think they are getting away with taking advantage of us or that we are weak, when in reality at God’s time, after we’ve been faithful and obedient – God not only avenge us on that person but rewards our obedience.

There is no place that this “edginess” of being vulnerable is more pronounced than in marriage, especially when we think of a lifetime with someone who seem to want to take advantage of us, so it is easy for the enemy to cast doubt on Gal. 2: 20 and Rom. 12: 1-2 scheming our minds and God’s faithfulness to do what He says He’ll do.

My recommendation – be Faithful and Obedient to God’s written Word. He [God] has sent us His Spirit to help us be Vulnerable (not be stupid) based on His Word, and like King David wrote “I was young, now i’m old – i’ve never seen a righteous forsaken nor his seed beg for bread” – this coming from a guy, who was vulnerable many times based on God’s word (with the Philistines, with Saul, with his son – Absalom, etc.).

May God grant us the grace to imbibe Gal. 2: 20 as a way of living, not just a scripture we memorize and quote.

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