Being Married: When Love Is Truly Blind?

Being Married: When Love Is Truly Blind?

Being Married: When Love is truly Blind?

1 Peter 4:8 (NIV) – “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”.

1 Corinth. 13: 5 (NIV) – “love…does not keep a record of wrongs”.

The old victorian adage says “love is blind”, that adage is not talking about the physical blindness, rather about the feelings (triggered by hormones) we get when we are with a loved one, especially at the beginning stages, according to experts “we are blind to character flaws” meaning we see it but excuse it.

However, love could be blind, not based on excusing or ignoring it but by being deliberate. We know that love is not what we feel, hence not excusing, and since we know love is a decision/choice to do that which God has asked us to do “unconditionally” – hence the being deliberate.

According to the Bible, Love is a Unconditional Decision we make, first mentally, then by gradually dying to self and doing what God says to do, not excusing or ignoring what we feel, but because we Trust that the God who gave us the instruction to love unconditionally knows what He is doing, and we see/know from evidence, that when we follow His instructions, somehow things work out better, than when we follow our thinking or emotion.

So, unconditional love is choosing to be blind to each other’s spouse, not by simply excusing or ignoring it, but by having faith and trusting that when we do what God commands (even though it negates our feeling and thinking) – things would work out well for our good, because of who is in charge of all things.

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