Being Married

Being Married: Stages of Marriage

Being Married: Stages of Marriage Almost all scientific research done on Marriage, suggests that, everyone’s marriage would go through three stages. The first stage is mostly called ROMANTIC LOVE stage (some calls it Limerence stage), the second is NEGOTIATION stage, and the third is COMMITMENT. The Romantic love stage (if dating and courtship is not […]

Being Married: Obey vs. Submit

Being Married: Obey vs. Submit With Obedience, your opinion is irrelevant, you simply do what you are told. With submission, you share your opinion (hopefully considered), then you willingly defer your opinion even when not convinced the other option is best. In Marriage, first we are to submit to one another (defer to each other), […]

Being Married

Being Married Chances are (except in chemical imbalance situation) your spouse already know their area of short-coming or what they need to do to bring about change. Emphasizing those areas or using them as “jabbing” points during conflict would only exasperate your spouse and conflict in your marriage. So, my suggestion is for you to […]

Being Married: Blindspot

Being Married: Blindspot On the side mirrors of almost every car today, are warning that objects might be closer than they appear and there are blindspots that those mirrors can’t pick up. Some luxury car models, have tried solving “blindspot” problem by making the inside rear mirror larger or have a beeper when cars approach […]

Being Married: Vulnerability…?

Being Married: Vulnerability…? Both our natural and sin natures, seek to protect us from attacks. Our endocrine system is designed to secret hormones that instigate action when under attack. Our sin nature demands revenge, when offended. Yet, when we accept Jesus the Christ as Savior and Lord, we are told to become VULNERABLE, to stand-down […]