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Couples Ministry

The function of the couple’s ministry should be separated from that of the counseling department, the couples ministry sole purpose is to organize functions that would enhance and enrich marriage at the church.


Enriching programs should be tailored to meet the particular need and size of the church and the activities should be spread out throughout the year.


Enhancing programs include

  • Valentine Banquet (calling it Sweetheart Banquet could include singles)
  • Sunday School class
  • Vow renewal ceremony
  • Marriage Conference 
  • Couples Retreat
  • Marriage Small/Cell Groups

Pre-Marriage Ministry


This ministry should focus on a program that would adequately prepare engaged couples for a life-time of marriage. I will suggest the following criteria

  • Involve older matured couples as “Mentor Couples”
  • Use objective analyses to get information about e.g. T-JTA, FOCCUS etc
  • Use a “workbook” that covers a great deal of topics.
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