Just Thinking: Common vs. Spiritual Sense

Just Thinking: Common vs. Spiritual Sense

Just Thinking: Common vs. Spiritual Sense

Proverbs 14:12 (NKJV) – “There is a way that seems right to a man,

But its end is the way of death”.

Common sense is when our feeler and thinker (mind and emotion in our soul) dictates the decision and our will to do, either based on data analysis or circumstances induced hormonal flow.

Spiritual sense is when our decisions is based on the written word of God and/or the leading of the Holy Spirit within us. Many times, what the written word says and how we are led by the Spirit, contradicts what we think or feel. The Holy Spirit have (spiritual) access that Common Sense “would never” have.

When we base our decision making process solely on Common Sense (feeler and thinker) then we could run into trouble especially on life issues. Common sense is actually a gift of God to humans, so we can process data or analyze things as Jesus Himself describes in Luke 14 (the king and the general parable).

Using our Spiritual sense does not mean we abandon common sense, the best person that demonstrated this was King David, he’ll often ask or confirm with God on things his common sense say yes to, like going after the folks who took his wives and kids. At the same time, he demonstrated when God (spiritual sense) overrode his common sense, when twice he had Saul’s life in his hand and twice he did not kill him.

It is important for us True Believers to know that Common Sense is a gift of God and it has its place, however Spiritual sense (God’s written Word and the Holy Spirit) along with common sense (differing to spiritual sense when necessary) is the best GUIDE through life.

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