Just thinking: Finite and Infinite!

Just thinking: Finite and Infinite!

Just thinking: Finite and Infinite!

Human reasoning (wisdom) is Finite, while God’s wisdom is Infinite.

One of the amazing gifts God gave us humans, is Intellect – depending on genetics, some humans have more intellectual wisdom (IQ) than others. When humans with high IQs come together in a laboratory, they come up with amazing things based on the analysis of data.

In all R&D labs across the world smart Ph.Ds are analyzing and looking deeper into the function of the body or behaviors or how certain part of human function, etc. are they are coming out with amazing medication, or procedures, or treatments. When human analyses employ unavailable or subjective data, then the study becomes unscientific.

God’s wisdom however is Infinite, it is not limited to data nor does it require a smart IQ. God’s wisdom stems from the fact that God made all things and because of who He is, already knows the end from the beginning. Unfortunately, while He shares what will happen with us on a general basis, He wants us to rely on Him (totally) for the journey (start to finish). The lives of the illiterate disciples of Christ, later apostles are classic examples.

God’s wisdom starts with us trusting in His Son Jesus as Lord and Savior, which in turn guarantees the indwelling of Holy Spirit (and His empowerment if we so desire). Then God’s Word along with His Spirit, now gives us access (with a renewed mind) into the Infinite Wisdom of God (some He shares, some He doesn’t – see Deut. 29: 29) on eternity continuum.

God does want us to use our finite wisdom (data analyses) based on the intelligence (human wisdom) that He gave us, but our finite wisdom or intelligence must be used within the boundary of His infinite wisdom, not to the exclusion of it. We cannot with our wisdom, now say God’s wisdom is foolish, like we are doing today – it is called Foolishness or Stupidity.

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