Just thinking: Half-truths (Schemes) of the Enemy

Just thinking: Half-truths (Schemes) of the Enemy

Half-Truths (schemes) of the Enemy that is Up-ending the body of Christ today.

1. JESUS is NOT the only WAY. Eternal LIFE cannot be simply Believing and Confessing Christ – WORKS (DOING GOOD) must be the Real Deal

2. The ESSENCE of Christianity is Service NOT Obedience based on Relationship

3. Christianity is about YOUR GOOD LIFE NOW, not ABIDING in the True Vine (Christ), nor being PRUNED by the Father nor seeking the Righteousness of the (God’s) Kingdom

4. The Kingdom of God/Heaven is DOMINANCE ON EARTH (display of wealth, success as define by man, etc), NOT a Spiritual Kingdom WITHIN, and the Holy Spirit producing FRUIT through you for the Father’s GLORY.

5. Confuses Don’t JUDGE with don’t SPEAK TRUTH (Conviction)

6. Confuses LOVE (Unconditional Decision) with INDULGENCE and EMOTION

7. Confuses GRACE as license to SIN, rather than strength to STAND

8. Emphasis on TRADITIONS OF MEN, rather than PRINCIPLES taught by Christ and PATTERNS observed in God’s written word.

9. Your BELIEFS of Christianity is in minority (and extreme), so you MUST be WRONG

10. The DEVIL, not YOU is YOUR biggest Obstacle on earth’s journey

11. That being Vocal about Godly TRUTH is “un-Christ-like”, so we should be nice about sharing God’s Truth

Lord, open the inner eyes of your people to see and hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church

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