Just thinking: Judging Vs. Conviction?

Just thinking: Judging Vs. Conviction?

Just thinking: Judging vs. Conviction?

Jesus said, “Judge not, that you be not judged” (Matthew 7:1). He went on to say, in effect, “If you do judge, you will be judged in exactly the same way.”

Too often, as is the case with God’s enemy – the true meaning of words are twisted and used against its original meaning. The verse above is one the enemy has used to intimidate believers (who want to be intimidated) into keeping quiet or into NOT pointing out lies, not just externally but within the body of Christ.

To Judge someone is to say, there is no more opportunity of repentance for you, you have been given tons of opportunities and you’ve chosen NOT to repent. Throughout scripture (both OT and NT) we see God, repeatedly give “repentance” opportunity before judgment. Judgment is the prerogative of the Godhead, not any human (that is why the Pharisees marveled when Jesus forgave sins).

Conviction however is another thing. In Acts 17: 11 the Bible talks about the Holy Spirit “convicting” us (believers). Paul the apostle many times talk about speaking God’s Truth and letting the Word cut through that human to convict him. Whenever we (believers) speak God’s eternal truth to anyone whose heart is still receptive (not depraved), he/she is “Convicted by the Holy Spirit unto Repentance”.

Unfortunately today, Conviction (speaking God’s eternal truth and the word dividing the spirit/soul by the power of the Holy Spirit) has been termed “Judging” and accepted by those who don’t even want to hear God’s truth because of the convicting power. Churches has sprung up, who now boldly say, their assignment is to encourage not speak Truth from the Word that convicts.

Please note that Conviction is for your benefit, so that you can repent and your cup of iniquity in the throne room does not cry out for Judgment, and God based on His nature, must act on the “wages of sin” particularly un-repented sin – because such would never inherit the Kingdom (God’s eternal Kingdom).

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