Just Thinking: When You Are Bigger than What People See?

Just Thinking: When You Are Bigger than What People See?

Just Thinking: when you are BIGGER than what people see?

I’m supposed to be sleeping (actually resting), but i’ll take just laying in bed. So I decided to watch TV and pop came “little people big world”, wifey and I used to watch the show before bed, couple of years ago.

Watching this one episode this afternoon (the one where Zach married), reminded me of a topic i’ve been sharing lately – “you are not the external things – you are who God says you are, if you can believe it”.

For those who don’t know the program, it is about a family of three dwarfs and three normal people (parent and one child are dwarfs and three children are normal heights). The dad, Matt – is a dwarf but you will never know it – he dreams big always, everything he does is huge because he has huge visions that normal height people are afraid of, I wonder sometimes if Matt remembers that he is a dwarf.

Their dwarf son, Zach had always had complex, unlike his dad, he was aware of eyes on him, he was aware of his height and sought comfort or confidence in his normal height brother. However, when he realized that his now wife Torry, love him for who he was – he started to develop self confidence, he even said “I feel bigger”.

We are loved by God much more than Tori loves Zach, which made him feel “big”, if we only believed and come to term with the fact that, regardless of what people say about external things about us, who God says we are based on His unconditional love for us, should make us feel “BIG”.

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