Pattern and Principles: Authority and Power

Pattern and Principles: Authority and Power

Pattern and Principles: Authority and Power

The Greek word translated ‘authority’ is exousia = rightful, actual, and unimpeded power to act, or to possess, control, use, dispose of, something or somebody. So it can be defined as the right or power to exercise obedience.

Power is defined the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events: physical strength and force exerted by something or someone; or energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical, or other means and used to operate a device.

In biblical terminology, authority and power are sometimes used interchangeably but they are very different. Acts 19: 13-14 is a classic example of the difference between authority and power. Agents of darkness who lacks the “authority” from Christ, were using the “power” in His name to drive out demons (and some demons obeyed).

God spoke all things into being, and the authority over all things belong to Him. In Romans 13, we read that God delegates authority to different strata of leadership. He delegates authority to human governments, he delegates authority to leadership in the body of Christ and in the marriage institution He delegates leadership authority to the man (please note that individual leadership style often affect obedience to human authority).

After what Christ did on the Cross, God elevated the name JESUS above all names on spiritual issues (pertaining to created beings) in every heavenly realms (first, second and third) – see Phil. 2: 5-11.

So after Calvary (the Cross) – those who are for Christ by extension now have spiritual authority. The authority to use the POWER in the name of Jesus is NOW available to everyone (all human), but to use it, one must first Believe and Confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord – see Rom. 10: 9-10. When this is truly (genuinely) done – such a human can now exercise his/her authority, invoking the Power in the name of Jesus.

As noted in Acts 19, we read abut how those who do not have the authority to invoke the POWER in the name of JESUS, did so and ignorant demons (who feared the power in the name) obeyed, until a demon, who knew the folks don’t have “authority” challenged them using the power in the name of Jesus.

The POWER in the name of Jesus is not something human mind can comprehend, what we know is that because of Christ’s obedience going to the Cross, reconciling humans back to God, invoking the name Jesus and His shed blood now come with power, that when exercised with “authority”, spiritual beings in every realm or of any rank, oblige or obey.


Today, everybody wants to invoke the POWER in the name of Jesus, without the having the authority (or going through the pre-requisite of having the authority – believing and confessing Christ as Savior and Lord).

Today, the Church has compromised her “authority” away, we’ve been told not to invoke the name Jesus in public places and our leaders obliged, so we are now like lions whose teeth have been removed, so it can be friendly. We been limited (limited ourselves) to “humanism” and we don’t even recognize how we are been cooked gradually (by the enemy and the world system), by our willingness to relinquish our power and authority (not mentioning Jesus in public square) to be friendly and tolerant.

Today, many without authority are invoking the name Jesus, like the Sons of Sceva, are things are happening, so they are attracting “sheep” who don’t really know the voice of the Great Shepherd by the thousands and millions, yet true under shepherds of the Great Shepherd are cowering and compromising, not wanting to be isolated and called names.


I am appealing to as many as are still seeking the True Vine, to please do a study of the spiritual authority (which translates to authority in every level of your being) to do a study on the Authority you have in the name of JESUS and the POWER in the name, and start exercising it (spiritually, economically, politically, etc) – of what use is an authority and accompanying power, when the person who has it, do not use it.

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