Pattern and Principles: GIFTS + PASSION = PURPOSE

Pattern and Principles: GIFTS + PASSION = PURPOSE

Pattern and Principles: GIFTS + PASSION = PURPOSE

Through the bible, God leaves us clues of how to find our purpose on earth, its kinda like treasure hunting. What I have found, as this area of study is becoming interesting to me, is that without an understanding of basic biblical pattern and principles, it is possible to live a meaningless life meaning just swinging by and doing just stuff.

In my opinion, Gifts can be divided into two – Biological and Spiritual.

In Biological, some traits are embedded in our DNA coding, which is why our family of origin (even if born to a prostitute on the street of Calcutta) is NO coincidence (also see Ex. 36: 1). Spiritually, Paul the apostle wrote to the church in Corinth about spiritual gifts (I encourage you to go read it – 1 Corinth. 12).

The thing with gifts are, they are already made available, BUT we must accept them and acceptance comes with some condition, Holiness for instance. After acceptance, we must also develop the use of them, and then finally deploy them in areas of passion for us.

Passion is a BURDEN for something that is placed on us. That song writer wrote “break my heart for what breaks yours”, God has been and is still in the business of burdening us with passion for areas in which our gifts (biological and spiritual) are best used.

Moses was burdened by the inhumanity of Egyptian masters towards the Israelites working on the field. Nehemiah was burdened by the news that the walls of his home country is on shambles, so a comfy position in Babylon could not keep him back. Saul of Tarsus and Paul the apostle were both burdened with sharing what he believe is truth.

What is the burden God on God’s heart that He has place on your heart?

When you start to bring your gifts (biological and spiritual) and mix it with areas of passion for you, then you have a Billy Graham good orator with passion for souls. You have a James Dobson another great communicator with a burden for the family (marriages and homes with Godly principles).

Instead of your 9-5 or 2-10, have you ever wondered, what your GIFTS are? Do you ever feel God is burdening you like He did Ezra, Esther, Nehemiah, or pushed you like He did Moses and Paul to where He wants to Glorify Himself through you?

A life lived with PURPOSE brings great peace.

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