Pattern and Principles: Hearing What We Want to Hear

Pattern and Principles: Hearing What We Want to Hear

Pattern and Principles: Hearing What We Want to Hear – 1 Kings 22

We humans are very interesting, we communicate (hear and speak) with prejudices. Our prejudice is often based on our nature and nurture, if we are not transformed by the renewing of our mind, with God’s word – we keep hearing the crap on the stone of our heart.

Such was the case with King Ahab (of Israel), he was married to Jezebel (daughter of a king who served Satan – Baal) and he surrounded himself wit Yes-people and priests who only prophesied what he wanted. So when he ask his cousin King Jehoshaphat (of Judah) to come fight the king of Aram with him, Jehoshaphat saw through the fake prophesies and ask for a true prophet.

The narrative in 1 Kings 22 is actually very interesting because Ahab himself knew Micaiah the prophet was a true and sincere prophet, but just because he said things he didn’t like, he banished him, and listened to prophets who said what he wanted.

At the insistence of Jehoshaphat, Micaiah was brought before both kings, and he shared what the Lord said to him, which contradicted the prophets who were more afraid of the king Ahab, than the KING OF KINGS who called them into ministry.

If interested you can read the rest of the story in 1 Kings 22 (I won’t spoil the fascinating ending for you).

The lesson (pattern and principle) for us TODAY however, is the caution not to follow our itchy ears or physical eyes, that only leads to what our sinful nature desires (even if it is religious). Many of us are in fellowship because it is our family church, or for some other stupid reasons when we know we are not being spiritually fed. We seek the message that corresponds with what we want to hear, not the ABSOLUTE Truth of God.

I’m challenging each each one of us to always seek God’s Truth and repent when it convicts us. Those of us privileged to speak, must also understand the implication of mixing our truth with God’s Truth – I pray from time to time, that God should take me home, if i’m ever getting to the point where my teachings, is meant to attract humans (hence popularity) than His Truth (whether in love or not, i’ll do my best to speak in love but that is NOT my priority – speaking Truth is priority).

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