Pattern and Principles: Sinful Nature, the Enemy and God’s Ultimate’s Purpose – Samson as a Case Study

Pattern and Principles: Sinful Nature, the Enemy and God’s Ultimate’s Purpose – Samson as a Case Study

Pattern and Principles: Sinful nature, the enemy and God’s ultimate’s purpose – Samson as a Case Study (read May 2nd – Daily bible Plan – Judges 15 and 16)

1 John 2: 16 – “For everything in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – comes not from the Father but from the world”.

According to the bible, with the sin of the first Adam, every human born of a man and a woman inherit a sinful nature (the second Adam gave us life – 1 Corinth. 15: 45). We also know that, satan usurped the authority God gave human being to create a spiritual kingdom (aka kingdom of darkness) in a world that is now fallen/sinful.

While God has general (worship and glorify) and specific purposes for our lives on earth, achieved only as we believe and confess His Son as Savior and Lord, the enemies of God (satan, demons and humans in his kingdom) work diligently to ensure our non compliance to God’s rule in our lives (even after salvation).

One of the most potent scheme of the kingdom of darkness, is the appeal to our sinful nature through Lust of the Flesh (emotional desires), Lust of the Eyes (things brought into our soul through our senses) and Pride of Life (putting ourselves on the throne room of our lives due to little success – in our own eyes).

All these three (lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride) worked in sync in Samson’s life.

Samson was a promised child with a clear purpose on earth even before conception and birth – his clear mission was to begin the elimination of the Philistines, a group of people who torments Israel. To accomplish that purpose, God endowed Samson with natural and spiritual (as needed) abilities.

Samson however, would not cooperate with God by being obedient to His written word, instead he continue to do what God says not to do, particularly in the area of lust – both of the eyes and lustful desires. He went after Philistines women, both prostitute and non-prostitutes. Yet, God used his stupidity to accomplish that same purpose – eliminating Philistines at every turn (sometimes, they even killed themselves).

Samson also paid for his non compliant with God’s law, by being captured eventually and treated like a common criminal and made fun off, yet – at the end of the day, he repented and God used him (Samson) to kill more Philistines in one fell swoop that his previous times (when he was free).

The lesson for us is CLEAR.

* We have all being endowed with gifts and abilities for our task on earth.

* Our non-compliant with God’s written word will not stop the task at hand or the purpose being accomplished, with or without our cooperation.

* We either get with His program and benefit from it or disobey and pay consequences for the disobedience, either way “the philistines” will be eliminated – through or without us.

* We need to watch for the enemies schemes of lusts (either of the eyes or emotion) and pride (in our abilities and gifts – both giving to us by God).

It is my prayer, that the Holy Spirit (the best teacher), will illuminate the lessons therein to your spirit.

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