Pattern and Principles: Success

Pattern and Principles: Success

Pattern and Principles: Success

Joshua 1:8 New International Version

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.

At the GOP debate last night, it was highlighted that Trump University ask for a tuition fee of $15,000 from students, for them to be as successful as Donald Trump, it seems things did not work out, and about 5000 students are now in a class-action lawsuit.

It would have been a laughing matter if this sort of deceit is limited to the world, unfortunately it is not, it is actually abundant within the body of Christ. Those peddling God’s word into formula and making gains from it. Those calling for $1000 or $5000 for a miracle or wisdom nugget or whatever it is that they are looking for. Free will offering to who God used to bless you, I understand, peddling your gift or God’s word, I don’t.

Success is different for all of us, in the parable of the talent (Matt. 25) Jesus told the two guys that got five and two talents “well done and good job”, not because they got the same amount, but each one did according to their talents and ability. What constitute success is only defined by the person who gave the ASSIGNMENT.

A software engineer at CISCO cannot equate his/her success with a software engineer at FACEBOOK or MICROSOFT, they have different assignment and goals, defined by the vision and mission of their companies. The determining factor of your SUCCESS on earth is not another human, it is the God who has given you talents (gifts) and abilities (according to your measure).

John the Baptist lived for only 30 years, and he excelled and succeed in his assignment (proclaim the way for the Messiah), even though many in his day would not say he did succeed (today we will describe him “as a lousy unkempt nazarite who judged peoples lives”).

Stephen (the Spirit-filled Deacon) is another person whose life would be deemed as unsuccessful, yet his purpose was accomplished, hence successful in God’s eyes – not only did Stephen demonstrate God’s love in death (asking God to forgive those stoning him), his death prompted the “spread” of he gospel beyond Jerusalem.

Ruth Graham is another person whose life fascinated me. Born to missionary parents (medical – doctor father) in China, schooled in the bible and dreamt of one day being a missionary in China. Came to school in America, met a skinny boy called Billy, got married and her life changed. She became a homemaker who raised five tough kids while God used her husband around the world. She was successful in her assignment (perhaps not as our world would define it today).

As God told Joshua, prosperity and success has nothing to do with accumulation of wealth and things, it is in you Discovering what I created you to do, Developing it and then Deploying it. God has already embedded the talents you need for that assignment (see Ex. 36:1), with the Holy Spirit – bringing spiritual gifts and bearing fruit through you and God burdening you with passion for something – you are close to your assignment.

In the process of your assignment, your role might simply be to sow seeds, or to be the one watering or to be the one that harvests (like Billy Graham – the work on the many who gave their lives to Christ at his crusades did not start that day). I teach well, but i’m lousy at making altar calls or laying hands (I do them when led, but it feels weird). Learn how others were disciplined and obedient to their assignment, not wanting to be exactly like them.

Don’t or Never let the world put you in a box of what Success is, simply stay in the Book of Law (meditating on it day and night), yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit (first dying to yourself) and you’ll see how God Himself would bear enduring and abundant fruit (with some pruning) through you to the Glory of your Father in heaven. Stay in your lane and follow God’s instruction for YOUR LIFE.

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