Pattern and Principles: Treasure

Pattern and Principles: Treasure

Pattern and Principles: Treasure

A treasure is a valuable item. Through Isaiah, God called us humans “His treasure”. Jesus spoke about finding a treasure, and selling other possesions for it, while Paul wrote that we have the treasure within us.

To be precise that TREASURE is God in us. The treasures acquired by humans on earth are only temporal and do fade.

In Matt. 13, Jesus spoke about the man who found a treasure in a field, and went away sold everything he’s got to come buy the field, so he can have the treasure in it. Compare this parable to what Jesus told the rich young ruler about selling all his stuff and following Jesus or what Joseph of Cyrus (aka Barnabas) did after accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord.

When we encounter Jesus the Christ as Lord and Savior, we now have “the” TREASURE in an earthly clay (2 Co. 4: 7) because we now have God’s Spirit living within us, leading and guiding us into all Truth and helping us obey God’s written word.

Having this TREASURE on earth, also guarantees TREASURES beyond earth. Jesus promised, that those who believe and confess Him as Savior and Lord, will inherit eternal life and would get rewards for what they allow His Spirit to do through them on Earth. We know those treasures includes – stephanos (victory crowns), rooms in heaven and ruling with Christ in the New Jerusalem.

Some of the wrong teachings in the church is that pursuing “the” real TREASURE means not having earthly treasures like good homes, fame, nice cars, jewelries, etc. – nothing is far from the truth. When we go after the real Treasure, then “all we need is added to us, here on earth” Jesus said that much in Matt. 6: 33, but we must first seek the true Treasure and His Righteousness.

Lord, I pray today that your people will see beyond pursuing earthly treasures that fades, rather they’ll sell everything and go after the Treasure, that not only LIVE in our earthen vessel (and enriches it) but guarantees us more Treasure in heaven.

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