Purpose Driven Life

Purpose Driven Life

Purpose Driven Life


To Worship God with every Gift (spiritual and natural)
To ensure that my life bring Glory to His name, in every area of my assignment (spouse, parent, ministry, etc.)


To live a life fully devoted the mission God ordained for my life before the beginning of time.

To Discover my Purpose, Develop it and then Deploy it to His Glory


To accept Jesus the Christ as Savior and Lord

To willingly chose to die to self and live with a mind of Christ

To utterly/fully/Immediately obey God’s written word and be led by the Holy Spirit

To study God’s word showing myself as a worthy servant.

To spend time in communion with God through regular prayer time and have a dialogue, not a monologue with God.

To spend time in fellowship with others who diligent/truthfully seek God (His Truth)

To guard myself (via my senses and mind) with actionable plans, against the schemes (methods) of the enemies of my soul (Satan, World System and My sinful nature)


To spend time daily (allocated or throughout) in the word and in prayer.

To develop a habit of study. Devotion book – with spouse, with children. Attend bible studies and prayer times or choose a location that works for me.

To chose a fellowship (church) based on the Word of Truth, not tradition or glamor or what itches my ears.

To know and consider godly principles in everyday decision – would this decision Glorify God, would it honor my family and would it benefit God’s people (knowing that God rewards Obedience).

To discover my purpose – through my gifts (spiritual and natural) and the passion God has burdened my heart with. To passionately pursue whatever that is without fear of man.

To guard what I watch, what I hear, who I hang with, and deliberately put guards rails in place for my family and myself.

To always have a written plan with timeline for any assignment or vision God give to me.

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