Common Questions And Biblical-Christianity influenced Answers For African Marriages in the Diaspora
By William Femi Awodele

Marriage is one of the most cherished events in a person’s life, especially for a Christian. However, more questions can arise about marriage even after the wedding vows are said. Author William Femi Awodele discusses a comprehensive point of view on marriage through his new book, Common Questions and Biblical-Christianity Influenced Answers for African Marriages in the Diaspora. William provides biblical responses through a question-and-answer format in regards to common issues and concerns in African marriages. Differences between African and Western cultures towards matrimony are discussed, but the central focus is on men and women’s roles in relationships: in dating, courtship and marriage. Finances in marriage, raising children biblically and marrying from different cultures are among the topics answered, as well as the role of in-laws in marriage and sex before and into marriage. The hope is for Christians to marry true Christians, going from two to one in flesh.

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Battlefield of the Will
By William Femi Awodele

Apostle Paul is very clear in his writings about the tripartite nature of human being, as a spirit, as a soul and as a body. We also know that our soul includes our mind, our will and our emotion. While all these nature of our being function together, they are different in what they do.

The mind is where humans make and store information both explainable by science – neurology. The will on the other hand is what pushes humans to act on what he/she knows to be true or has already decided in the mind. Acting on a decision is the act of our Will. Although God gave humans “free” will – the ability to decide what we want even with established truth (decision), He however wants us some would argue commands us to submit our will to His will for a great journey on earth.

This book explore God’s will, human will and how we submit our will to God’s will overcoming whatever obstacle might be on our path. I pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal God’s Truth more to you beyond the words of this book.

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Home Improvement Series Volume One
By William Femi Awodele

”I’m a Mexican young woman who has a committed relationship with a Nigerian man. We are both Christians; he is Anglican and I’m Catholic. Every time I read your articles on, it brings new ideas and sheds new light to my relationship. I’m really grateful that I found a website that keeps my relationship going and prepared for the next step.”
-Vicky, Mexico

“I have been blessed through your articles; may God grant you more anointing. I will recommend your articles to our friends.”
-Mercy, Moscow

“I was really fascinated by the article on ‘Unrealistic Expectations.’ It was a real eye opener.”
-Moji, USA

“We love your messages and agree with all the Godly principles there in. We have been married for 36 years and are strongly committed to the work of the Lord.”
-Olu and Funke, Canada

“Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I commend you for allowing God to use you the way He does. I am one of the readers of your articles.”
-Emmanuel, Nigeria

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Home Improvement Series Volume Two
By William Femi Awodele

I have been blessed tremendously from your column in the online newspaper Your piece has often been rich and scripturally authentic. I also have this bias the moment I found out you are a Nigerian. Rev. Israel – Ghana, West Africa Your ministry blessed my life when you spoke in our class at Westside Church on Feb. 3rd. I want to say thank you, for sharing with us about the tripartite nature of man. I look forward to visiting your website and getting your resources online.
-Shelly, Omaha NE USA

I just read another thought provoking article from you today. I saw one of your articles around 2009 on and I got stuck. You’ve been able to explain what I could not explain in words. Most of what you write about I perceive in my environment, but could articulate and dissect it well. I got invited to an Exegetical Church around that time, you and a combination of other factors have greatly influence my re-orientation. Thanks for taking time to teach us and expose the truth.
-Seun, Phoenix USA

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The Law of Undulation
By William Femi Awodele

King David wrote “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil”. The concept or principle of valley and mountain-top experiences in the life journey of a believer is one that often generates theological and doctrinal debate within the body of Christ. In this book Femi examines the lives of four bible individuals (King David and Prime Minister Joseph of Egypt, versus King Saul and King Solomon); two with known valley experiences before they got to their purpose and two without recorded valley experiences before they got to their purpose on earth, the conclusion and how valley experiences (or lack of) affected each person’s assignment is very revealing. This book carefully mixed the author’s (and others) personal experiences along with biblical examples to highlight “valley and mountain-top” principle. The book answers the following questions as well, what a valley is, why valleys are necessary in the life of a believer, the plan of the enemy for a Christian in the valley and what Christians are supposed to do in their valley?

William Femi Awodele is the executive director of Christian Couples Fellowship International, Inc. He is the author of seven other books (most on relationship), including two novels, “Agapao” and “Power of Forgiveness”. Femi is married to his Olatokunbo Abike (a family physician), and they are blessed with three children, Ibukunoluwa, Fiyinfoluwa and Ebunoluwa.

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By William Femi Awodele

A story about four couples experiencing various marital conflicts and how such challenges are effectively overcome through the use of Christian principles.

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The Power of Forgiveness
By William Femi Awodele

Jide and Remi’s relationship was supposed to seal the generations of friendship between two families, but something happened—instead of friendship, the two families became bitter enemies. Read how the power of forgiveness brought these two families back together.

“My favorite aspect of the book is Femi’s use of the concept of contrast throughout the book, i.e., the contrast between one generation and the next, between African and Western culture, between Christianity and false religions, between male and female roles, between the past and present, between the mindset of revenge in one philosophy and the freedom and love offered through the power of God, and of course the contrast between living with hard hearts and with forgiveness.”

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Discerning God’s Desire for Your Marriage: Owner’s Manual
By William Femi Awodele

Are you seeking God’s desires for your marriage?
In Jeremiah 29 verse 11, the Bible reminds us that God has a good plan for us to prosper and to have a hopeful future. This hopeful future includes our marital relationships.
To benefit from this hopeful future, we need to be obedient to the “owner’s manual,” which is the Bible. We must respect husbands and love wives, be humble, be servant leaders, speak with our behaviors and not always our mouths, honor the covenant of marriage, and other things that the Scriptures clearly show us.
Femi Awodele has highlighted some of the areas that the Bible gave us, including a clear path to follow in marital relationships.

Owner’s Manual is designed to be practical and quick reading material for couples worldwide that genuinely seek to better their marriages.

Paperback Edition: $14.99


Peculiar Conflicts
By William Femi Awodele

Is your marriage suffering since you moved to a Western cultured country?
The culture and spiritual beliefs of Africans are very different from the prevailing cultures and beliefs of Western Europe and North America.

The surge of immigrants from Africa to Western societies in the past three decades has created a new set of marital conflicts peculiar to these immigrants. These conflicts are bringing about divorces among people who would ordinarily stay through tough times in their marriages.

Through this book, Femi has brought the peculiar issues up front and on stage for African immigrants in Western culture to discuss and hopefully, through dialogue and information, work through their conflicts instead of divorcing.
This book can also be useful for Westerners married to Africans.

Paperback Edition: $11.99