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Accepting Criticism

  I was at church this week for an appt. that never was, but God had a different appt. for me – a young assoc. pastor (really appreciate God’s hand on this young man) ask me about how to deal with criticism (based on my experience). It is not humanly natural for us to like […]

Being a Father – Happy Father’s Weekend

Being a Father – Happy Father’s Weekend I have been having dates with my children, yesterday it was with my daughter and somehow our conversation got to a parents love (which also includes discipline) – I told her, how I was afraid I could not love her as much as the boys (she is adopted), […]

Being Together: Building a Healthy Marriage?

Being Together: Building a Healthy Marriage? Every statistics (and I can bore you with many) points to the facts that, a “healthy” marriage is spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically healthy for all it’s occupants. Married men live longer and are wealthier (black men actually do better in marriage – fact), children raised in a healthy […]

Just thinking: Conviction vs. Judgment

Just thinking: Conviction vs. Judgment As Christians we are COMMANDED to speak God’s Truth (particularly the written word) at all cost. The Truth from God’s word that we speak is powerful and does penetrates our skin into our thinking faculty. When spoken, God’s Spirit brings CONVICTION through those words, and godly conviction leads us to […]

Being Married: Nostalgia Is A-moral

Being Married: Nostalgia is A-moral Nostalgic feeling is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Memories are triggered by what our senses (five senses) bring into our frontal lobe and the memory released by the “amygdala”, which in-turn lead to release of specific […]