Being Married: Adultery-proofing Marriage – the David French Case

Being Married: Adultery-proofing Marriage – the David French Case

Being Married: Adultery-Proofing Marriage – The David French Case

Many of you are probably not aware of who David French is, except political junkies like me. David French is a True Believer (an evangelical) whose public life reflects what he preaches. He was an attorney in the US Army and has been a long time columnist for National Review.

When Bill Kristol, editor of NR, announced he had an alternate conservative candidate against Trump, it leaked that the person was David French (no one has heard of him – except NR readers, who all say his articles are solid). Very quickly the crazy lefty media went to work and all they could uncover “negatively” on his life, was an agreement he and his wife signed and had to implement, while he was away on deployment.

A reporter for Politico (the online left-wing news outlet) wrote that, David and his wife, signed a covenant that neither of them would go on Facebook or talk to someone of the opposite sex – particularly on certain topics, etc. while he was away. Then, Mrs. French, was invited to speak and a gentleman kept talking to her about one of the subjects they agreed not to talk on. She told her husband, and he said, you have to stop conversation with the man, which she did.

This was all the crazy lefty media of America could count or see as a negative, against this man. Just for the record, the man has opted out of running for president.

So here is why i’m sharing, Is it safe or wise or is it anti-feminism to have written boundaries between husband and wife, to protect both of you from ADULTERY? or should both of you just let the other person fall into the trap of the enemy while trying to be a politically correct feminist?

Here is my opinion as someone who has counseled many adulterous relationship over 16 years:

* Boundaries are NEEDED, to safe guard each other from adultery.

* One of God’s attributes is EL QUANNA (a jealous God) – meaning, God values our relationship enough that He protects it, by giving us boundaries (laws and principles).

* As long as we still have a sinful nature (title or position regardless), NO ONE is immune from temptation (lust of the eye, lust of the flesh and pride of life), we are only able to get away from it, like Jesus, when we read/assimilate His word (written on our heart).

Rather than ridicule that the liberal media thought the story would be, I actually would advice husbands and wives (separated or not) to have rules that would protect both of you, against the temptation of the enemy. Jealously guide and guard your relationship.

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