Just Thinking: Is Jesus the Christ Really at the Center of It All for You?

Just Thinking: Is Jesus the Christ Really at the Center of It All for You?

Just Thinking: Is Jesus the Christ really at the Center of it all for YOU?

Israel Houghton, whom God used to write this song that we all loved, himself fell off the bandwagon with adultery, because he took his eyes off the center and made peripheral things more important than the center, it is my prayer that he repents and is restored.

In our world today, there are competing theologies or doctrine, the pleasing to the ears dominant ones, say Religion is good because it teaches morals and good ethics, but you don’t need to be grafted or have intimacy with the True Vine (Jesus), your humanity (the goodness in you – if any) should be enough to bless humanity, hence – faith or religion becomes an aspect of our lives not the center.

For Jesus to be the center, every aspect of our lives must be sourced in Him, for that to happen – we must be grafted into the Christ – the True Vine, with this grafting we not only confess Him as Savior but accept Him as Lord, meaning everything in our lives is sourced through the Vine.

In John 15: 4-5, Jesus Himself, was very emphatic that the sole assignment of a branch (humans) is to remain/abide in the Vine, it is now the True Vine that produces FRUIT through the branch, then others eat the fruit and in-turn give Glory to our Father in heaven.

For Jesus the Christ to be the Center of it all, we must yield ourselves totally, like Jesus Himself demonstrated in Luke 22: 42 “not my will but your will be done”. We yield and surrender to the written word and allow the Holy Spirit to lead. We don’t do half-obedience like Saul the king, we obey quickly and fully like Jesus taught us through a parable.

When Jesus is at the center of ones life, we use our common sense (knowing it is a gift of God) but we submit it to the will of God, even when the written word or the Holy Spirit contradict what we feel – like in the lives of Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, David, and all the apostles in the NT.

Yielding to Jesus as the Center of it all come at a cost to our lives but the reward (both here and in eternity) far outweigh the cost. The choice is Yours

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