Just thinking: Your Marriage – Slough or Lake?

Just thinking: Your Marriage – Slough or Lake?

Just thinking: Your Marriage – Slough or Lake?

I have just arrived to an amazing city (Lloydminster) on the border of two Canadian province, where I will be talking about how to take our marriages to the next level.

On our drive in from Edmonton, we saw lots of “Sloughs” – for a city boy like me, one will mistake a slough for a lake, in-fact there are sloughs the size of lakes (some even bigger than average lakes).

Sloughs are usually body of water collected either naturally or artificially in the valley area of a field, especially when there have been ton of snow or rain causing water-log. What differentiate sloughs from lakes are that, they are usually shallow, while fishes could be in them, such fishes are not edible. Sloughs also are stagnant, hence stinky after sometime, they do dry up quicker when there is a dry spell.

Many homes or marriages look like a Lake from the outside, but they are actually Sloughs, they produce nothing or if they produce any fish – you can’t eat them (not edible). They are stagnant, shallow and stink because there is in or out flow which typically cleans any body of water. It does serve one purpose, farm animals at least have water to drink.

Don’t let your Marriage be a Slough rather a Lake (don’t buy the fake look), that has in and out flows of water which cleanses it, whose content are edible (gives life), and which has depth and sustains life (even entertainment).

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