Pattern and Principles: Conviction Vs. Condemnation (Another Look)

Pattern and Principles: Conviction Vs. Condemnation (Another Look)

Pattern and Principles: Conviction vs. Condemnation (another Look)

It is almost impossible to fully understand the difference between Conviction and Condemnation without understanding the word RELATIONSHIP and what it stands for (we’ll talk about this later).


Conviction is the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of a truth and it could also be the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth. In biblical term, conviction is the work of the Holy Spirit where a person is able to see himself as God sees him.

Condemnation is the act of sentencing (after judging to be guilty) someone to a punishment. In biblical terminology, God the creator and institutor of thing is the one that eventually judges. According to Jesus, His coming into our world the first time is NOT to judge, rather to SAVE (Salvation – reconcile us back to God) and help us live a life that Worships and bring Glory to God (our Father in heaven) – Judgment will come later – His second coming (read Matt. 25: 31-46).


Since the fall of humans in the Garden and our nature and our world became sinful (we now default to self) – our sinful nature, along with the enemy of God (Satan and Demons) and the world system (media, entertainment, religious, education, etc.), we (humans) naturally defaults to doing what we desire based on emotion and intellect, not what God desires or commands us to do.

God sent His only Son, to fulfill a spiritual legal necessity – the shedding of an unblemished lamb as the only final remission of human sin and reconciliation with God. The Cross solved the salvation and reconciliation problem, but we need the Holy Spirit (after salvation) to Worship and Glorify God – in John 16: 12-13 – Jesus specified clearly how the Holy Spirit will help our walk on earth.

In this dispensation (Church Age or New Testament), it is the Holy Spirit and God’s written Word that helps us on our journey on earth and doing so with God. It is done through our spirit and through our minds, using other humans – the Holy Spirit uses the words of humans and bring CONVICTION (never condemnation) – although the words stings, we however still can repent (2 Corinth. 7: 10).


Conviction of the Holy Spirit (through human) is not condemning or judging us, rather it is to make us pure through what Christ already did on the Cross – that purity through our Obedience and Surrender allows us in God’s throne, which in-turn is RELATIONSHIP.

When we don’t repent based on conviction, we cannot be in God’s throne room (Psalms 24) and also be in His presence. God knows we are sinful human, that is why it is UNREPENTANCE rather than our initial sin, that often carry more consequence.

Judgement (condemnation) is coming SOON (when Christ return), for those who wilingly chose not to accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (heaven or hell). Then there will be judgment for those who think they are citizens of the Kingdom of heaven, but are really not (Matt. 25). Then there will be judgement of “works” – these are those who make it to heaven, but their works will be put through fire (my guess – based on motives).


So, for your own sake know the difference between Conviction that leads unto Repentance, and not Condemnation, as our world and satan is making conviction out to be, today (it’s a scheme of the enemy).

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