Pattern and Principles: Doing Good vs. Fruit Bearing?

Pattern and Principles: Doing Good vs. Fruit Bearing?

Pattern and Principles: Doing Good vs. Fruit Bearing?

John 15: 8 – “…this is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples”.

I’ve often written that the attack on the body of Christ is both from within and without. Attacks from within (in any battle) is always more potent than external attacks.

In the past 8-10 decades, Liberal theology has taken over mainstream or traditional theology, a lot of the doctrines of liberalism is now being preached and those who preach it, don’t even have a clue, nor do they even know the difference in liberal and traditional theologies.

One of the “schemes” of the enemy through liberal theology is Humanism. Humanism is when humans want to do good on their own without abiding in the true vine. In liberal theology (and doctrines), the doctrine of Salvation is emphasized but Lordship is de-emphasized (which is impossible), because the Bible is seen as errant and should be interpreted with the sense of the culture its been read.

Awards are very important in liberalism to encourage conformity, so the teaching that the left hand must not know what the right is doing is ignored, does not serve the “goodness” doctrine.

In Biblical Christianity, we are told that the first step is being Grafted (born-again) into the True Vine, then Abiding – Jesus emphasized repeatedly that the singular job of the branch is to Abide/Remain in the True Vine (abiding is study of the word, time in prayer and fellowship). It is when a branch (human) abide that the True Vine bear FRUIT through that branch.

Stop trying to be “Good”, concentrate on Abiding/Remaining and watch the True Vine bear Fruit through you effortlessly, you simply have to Abide (Faithfulness and Obedience).

It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will bring revelation to God’s Word.

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