Pattern and Principles: Three Enemies of Our Journey on Earth

Pattern and Principles: Three Enemies of Our Journey on Earth

Pattern and Principles: Three enemies of our Journey on Earth

Satan/Demons, The World System and US (our sinful nature).


Satan and demons are spirit beings created by God, but lost their place in the third heaven, hence kicked out. They retain their powers and Satan usurped human powers in the first heaven to create a spiritual kingdom, often called “Kingdom of Darkness”.

This kingdom has hierarchies (principalities, powers, etc.), they have their own constitution (anything against God’s laws) and language (lies), and they have any human, who has not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord (truly) as members. Spiritual kingdoms work effectively with human corporation.

Satan/demons influence human minds with thoughts (temptation), basically trying to ensure humans don’t Obey God or have anything to do with Him, encouraging SELF (intellect and emotion). Satan and demons do possess humans (who cooperates with them) when necessary (beyond oppression) – satan possessed Judas Iscariot.

World System:

These are humans used by Satan, they run our Economic, Religious, Media, Entertainment, Education, Family and Government. These human institutions use philosophies that negate Godly principles – Just yesterday almost all Big Business in the state of Georgia want the Governor to veto a bill that protect Christians from frivolous lawsuits.

Unknown to many of these institutions, it is really satan and demons that influence their thoughts, influencing it to negate Godly principles, such as definition of Marriage, definition of Success, the Essence of Christianity, etc.

It must take knowledge of God’s Word, to identify some of the lies of the World System – such as “the essence of Christianity is Humanism instead of Relationship”, such as “Giving is the best investment” and lots more bible principles that the world negate.


You are the biggest obstacle, basically Your Knowledge, your Faithfulness and Obedience to God’s word and willingness to surrender your will to His will.

Satan/demons and the world system CAN ONLY come through your Mind, they’ll suggest half-truths, they’ll appeal to your strength and weakness, they’ll give you logical reasons why you cannot obey God or why His instructions are not applicable. They would never tell a big fat lie, they always tell half truths that appeals to your sin nature.

Only humans who are totally sold out to God – starting with accepting Christ as Savior and Lord. Who read and meditate his words, who yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit by dying to self, who are willing to do what God says even when the price is high – standing alone or even death sometimes, – they are the ones that stand against the schemes (methodea – methods) of Satan/demons and the world system.

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